Friday, May 30, 2008

Joy Moments

While I was revamping my page today, the title of my blog jumped out at me and screamed for attention. "Finding Joy in Each Day". I originally titled it that because I was going to write blogs about the moments that brought me joy to encourage myself and others that it IS out there Some days it's hard to believe it because of our circumstances, but that's the thing about joy; it's not dependant on circumstance, it's dependant on your relationship with God.

So I'm starting off my "joy moments" blogs with a newly realized moment of joy that happened this morning.

May 30th Joy Moment: My husband loves to hold me when he sleeps. When we are turning out the lights he says, "roll over so I can hold you" and then he falls asleep very fast. Now, this has not always been a joy moment. In fact, it's been a source of contention with us because I get hot easily at night. But this morning I was driving to work thinking about it and I began to find joy in this simple act. He finds comfort and peace in my presence and it is calming enough to him that it actually helps him sleep better. And I fell in love with this. How wonderful is it that I have a husband who loves to hold me? Some wives beg for this! But I don't have to beg or even ask...he just does it and it makes me feel needed and important.

I encourage you today to find joy in something that your husband does that you normally dismiss.


iamnotasoccermom said...

HI there...thanks for visiting my blog. (via Shauna's) I always love it when people end up there that I don't know. I was reading your post on 'joy moments' and it reminded me of something I wrote about that same subject of my husband "holding me to sleep" I am not sure how to put HTML in blogger so I will just put the link here and you can copy and paste I guess. But it really reminded me of your words. It has also been a bone of contention for us at times for the same "getting hot" issues, but for the most part, I definitely deem myself blessed to have a man who WANTS to hold onto me. Glad to "meet you"

iamnotasoccermom said...

oops...too longh...trying again....

Brittany said...

Hello. My name is Brittany and I found your blog through my friend April. I will have to say I had this exact moment last night. My husband loves to cuddle while we are in bed and he always falls asleep within minutes. I, on the other hand, need my space in order to get comfortable to go to sleep. I realized last night that those are really special moments that I should take advantage of. Thanks for posting an honest and open blog.