Friday, May 23, 2008

Target Zombies

A new Species has been discovered:

The other day when I was walking around Target for the millionth time on my lunch, someone I knew approached me and apparently said my name twice before I ever heard them. She started laughing and told me that I was just staring off into space. I laughed back (secretly thinking that I do this really often) we talked with the "haven't seen you in forever" pleasantries for a moment and then she was off...leaving me to finish my shopping. As I walked around I began to notice that many women were doing as I was doing; Walking up and down aisles slowly glancing from left to right, up and down. They seriously looked like zombies. When they walked in they probably knew exactley what they were coming for but immediately turned to Zombies because of the bright lights, "SALE" and "New Summer Arrivals" signs. Some even had their mouths hanging open. Which leads me to believe that Target is just so fabulous and overwhelming that it's like walking into New York City. It's massive and astounding, there is tons to see and you just can't possibly leave without spending gobs of money.

So there it is. I am a self proclaimed Target Zombie.

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