Wednesday, May 28, 2008

10 years ago

I meant to write this on my birthday but I never got around to it. Reaching 28 for some reason felt like a milestone, even though it's not a typical one. But on that day, i sat back and thought about where i was 10 years ago so that i could see how far i have come and what God has brought me through. So here it is, my "where i was 10 years ago" list

In 1998...

* I was helping lead a bible study group at our highschool and prayer group
* I did my first speaking engagement for a private Christian school where I spoke on "True Love Waits"
* I graduated from Gallatin High School
* I cut all of my hair off for the first time
* I was heavily involved with CYM (Cornerstone Youth Ministries)
* I went to Ft. Apache, AZ to work and minister on an Indian Reservation
* I left to move to Waxahachie, TX where I attended Southwestern Assembly of God University where I was majoring in Cross Cultural Missions (? seriously? I thought I had to have a degree for that?)
* I interned under Scott Wilson, Oakcliff Assembly of God's famous Youth Pastor
* I did street ministry in Dallas, TX
* I lived with a roomate who would eat Taco Bell at 12:00am and smack loudly so I became adjusted to sleeping with my CD player on.
* I was skipping chapel services 3 out of 5 times a week (imagine really, really old AG pastors telling of when they were in college...snore)
* I was constantly hanging out with Master Commission members, therefore I was also praying for 2 hours a day and reading scripture like a maniac.
* My favorite restaurant was "Gloria's" El Salvadorian restaurant in a shady part of town that was incredible
* I was threatening to start giving plasma so my parents would take pity on me and send money
* I was living off of the Chicken/Mushroom Ramen Noodles

Looking back through this list I can see where life is incredibly different now. I almost forgot how I was so involved in ministry and thought it would be my full time job (as in paying job) one day. I guess never say never...but probably never. I should probably get back to the kind of reading and praying I was once doing. I remember being so close to God and CRAVING Him. The more I learned about Him the more I wanted to learn about Him. So, all in all, this has been a good and helpful trip down memory lane.

What about you? 10 years ago you were...

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Maci said...

Hmm, I was 12 years old! 12 years old! Boy was I a youngster. Lets see, my brother graduated that year, we went to St. Tim church and I was very active in the youth there, I think I could go on the first youth summer trip that year to Affirm! I was in love with Marcus Sumners and Will Warren, and thought I was going to marry them, well one of them.... I think I would mow my parents yard for like 10 bucks, man was I cheap. I had the ugliest hair cut that was like a short bob, and I wore a zig zag part in it. I would walk up to Wal-mart with frienda. I wanted to be the coolest kid in school, but how could I be with those bottlecap glasses and busy eyebrows! Those were just some of the memories I had =)