Saturday, July 19, 2008

what's going on...

Wow. It's been awhile. I wanted to update those of you who read my blog on what has been going on in my life that has kept me far from the blogging world and basically any playing on the internet whatsoever. I started a new job on June 30. I am working at the corporate office of e+ healthcare in Nashville and loving it. I have a hybrid sort of position which means that half of my job is spent as the assistant to our Chief Financial Officer and the other half is spent working in Operations with our company's lawyers on Medicare/855s. It's way too much to explain over this blog, (or really in person without possibly putting someone to sleep) but I will say that I love being an assistant so that part is great and easy because I know it, but then I also have this awesome opportunity to work in the operations of the company and learn something completely new and challenging which I love. And working for this company has made me feel like I am apart of something bigger. e+ healthcare has 12 different cancer centers across the US and they are working hard to fight the battle of cancer by bringing in better technology and by creating incredible facilities that make patients feel like they are in a more warm and caring enviorment. They truly care about the patients and do everything possible to make sure that cancer patients are being taken care of and that there is something out there that is trying to make their battle more comfortable and efficient.

On the other side of life, (the one I don't have tons of time to live because I am so busy) things are going well. Everyone got back from church camp last week and are spreading the delightful contagious virus of passion for God to our whole church. It devastates me that I missed an opportunity to be a part of this because watching our youth worship and hearing them open up and what GOD has done is amazing. To be completely honest, it is really hard because they now have a bond that I wasn't a part of...which is fine and good because I was praying for them to have that bond and that experience the entire time they were away...but I know they are all going to help bond the entire group, those that went and those that didn't.

My life is busy. There is hardly time for me to enjoy anything that I once did like reading, crafting, walking, writing, spending time with friends and family. I feel like things are changing around me and I am changing too but I am not apart of those changes that everyone else is experiencing. I know that is a confusing sentanence, but maybe someone gets it. But for the most part, life is going great. I have a lot to be thankful for and God continues to bless an undeserving me.