Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A really great weekend

This past weekend was fabulously crazy! Although, I'm beginning to worry that I don't know how to function without having something to do. We had some one on one time and great fellowship with many friends. Friday night we did a double date with our friends Brooke and Jeremy. We chowed on some steak, drank some caffine. There were a lot of laughs. Saturday, we had a girls shopping trip with the youth. We headed to Cool Springs Mall to enjoy what turned out to be a really terrific trip and time with the ladies. I think everyone got a couple of new things that they all adorned themselves with on sunday and looked amazing! Saturday night, two of the youth girls, tiffany and kimmi, came over. Oh, and of course Tiffany's new beau Matt! We grilled out, played in the back yard, climbed trees, watched a movie. Sunday after church we had a fantastic El Ray lunch with our friends Chad and Kristin. More laughing and eating. Sunday afternoon, youth kickball game (i did pretty well!), then off to David and Margie's for even more eating and laughing and bull frog and salamander hunting. Monday...yes, you guess it...more eating and laughing with the Barnett family as they had a group of us over for an amazing meal! (Shout out to Kimmi's creative napkins!). Then it was off to Aaron and Beth's for a lot of laughing and good conversation. No eating...but only because we were full :) And here I am back at work today...exhausted but feeling full of joy because of the many friends we were able to spend great time with. We are really blessed to have so many close and amazing people in our lives.

Thank you friends for loving us!


April E. :) said...

that all sounds like SO much fun!!!! *fyi...your words are in all white...kinda hard to read :(

Maci said...

I miss you, please hang out with me...