Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hello everyone in blog world! It's been quite awhile...again....since I have wrote. But today felt like another good day to write.

God has been doing incredible things with my heart lately. He has been softening it in ways that it has never experienced. There is a worship song that says "Break my heart for what breaks yours" and EVERYTIME I sing that line I make it my prayer. Mainly because I know that my heart is humanly selfish and sometimes does not see beyond my own needs so I need GOD to come in and massage it a bit. And He has. I am beginning to see people and situations with a new light and love and I completely contribute that to reading God's powerful word. I am learning about God's grace and His desire for all to know Him in more profound ways. I find myself tearing up with excitement at what God is doing in my life and in the lives of others. My friends are being blessed and healed and I just got chill bumps thinking about it because i am genuinely SO excited for them! I know that the Holy Spirit is at work in my life. God is giving me eyes to see what He is doing and giving me patience while He is developing me.

God is just good. Not just because I am having a moment of breakthrough but because He walks us through those times of waiting for the breakthrough and strengthens our faith to believe breakthrough is coming.

I love HIM. I really do. I am just in awe of what He can the work of His hands. I am so tired of taking things for granted and not realizing His majesty all around me that is crying out, "SEE ME?? How can you not stand in awe?" Seriously friends, look at the symmetry of a leaf, listen to the thousands of different laughs around you, look at the colors of the sky, the thousands of different color different shape What an amazing artist He is. He is the original for everything. We are inspired by HIS artwork.

It's been a good week. My heart is changing in ways that I am pleased with but I know that I have to keep myself grounded in what is good and true so that my heart does not stray.

Thank you Lord for loving us no matter what. Thank you for holding us like a dad should and telling us that you know it's all going to work out good in the end. Thank you for creating us so that we could experience life and more importantly, life with you. Let me be not just a good christian, but a good CHRIST to those around me.