Sunday, May 18, 2008


ah. so finally i feel like i am ready to write about life, vacation and where life has me at this moment. i promise to be as brief as possible. sunny warm days make me feel alive. so imagine me writing this with a peaceful smile on my face and real joy in my heart.

first, savannah was beautiful. but more than the city being beautiful, my time with my husband...alone...truly made the vacation. in the busy touristy moments and in the quiet walking through squares, being beside him with no distractions was lovely. and because we have been so busy since we even became engaged, we had almost forgot the beauty of just spending time alone. the beauty of being with your best friend...your true best friend that knows what all your facial expressions mean and senses your mood and lets you be you and loves you anyway. how can i not want to spend more time alone with this kind of person? of course, i love my time with my friends and ministry time, but there is something rejuvinating about being with someone who doesn't expect anything from you but deserves so much. not that we had fallen out of love by any means...i love him more each day...but i fell into a different kind of love. which is what i think the years of marriage are like. you fall in love with each other in different ways because of the different things you learn about each other. or that's what they should be like, at least. as far as the city...GO. if you like history, architecture, beauty, food, antiques...then GO. it's a city that must be experience on foot or you will miss many of the most beautiful details. like in most cities, it's not the big tourist traps that are the highlights, it's the small quiet and lovely finds that make your trip. there is nothing like walking along those old brick sidewalks hand in hand with your best friend. this is by far the most romantic city i have been to in america.

and life. life is good and starting to get great. after vacation i am learning to say no and remember that i need those times to myself to learn what the Lord has for me and what He wants to show me in the quiet moments. He's good like that. find a quiet moment...he's there waiting to speak to you. i'm learning that each day there is something God has for me to do. it's not a moment i'm building up to, but a bunch of little moments and people that he wants me to enjoy and put my heart into. i've started taking more advantage of work being my current mission field. just telling people that i have prayed for them or that i will. listening to their stories and truly caring about them. everyone has a story to tell and needs someone to appreciate it. and i do appreciate people's stories. they are facinating. i love to see how God has made them fall in love with Him. on a lighter note, my house is starting to come together. my kitchen has a sitting bench and a cool lantern, my living room has more pictures and my front porch has flowers and rocking chairs. you should come over and sit and tell me some of your story.


April E. :) said...

Oh Savannah sounds AMAZING!!! And so does your house...from what pictures I have seen (if that is your house in your myspace pics, haha) you have outstanding taste!

Beth said...

Oh, this was just LOVELY!!! One of my favorite writings from you so far. I love you!

Margie said...

I love our blogs. I love learning from each other and watching how we progress and learn. Beautiful writing!