Sunday, June 1, 2008

yard talk, garage sales and produce stands

Yesterday I was super duper busy so I didn't have time to write, but I did have a wonderful moment of joy that I wanted to tell you about.

Yesterday started off with sitting outside in the yard at Margie and David's house chatting with some of our best friends; Margie, David, Kristin, Chad, Alicia and Daniel. We were literally sitting in the yard watching the kids play and the dogs chase each other as the sun was warming our faces. After that, Kristin and I headed off to do some much needed garage sale shopping. We just started driving and we hit some really great houses and some amazing deals. As we were shopping, I would notice the types of things people previously owned and wondered about the kind of lives they live. Kristin and I made small fun conversation with the people who were all so friendly and in great moods. After that, we decided to stop at a produce stand and pick up some fresh veggies and fruits. And after I dropped Kristin off and helped her lug her $30 worth of stuff (which was tons) up to her apartment, I set off on my drive home. I managed to hit another really delicious looking produce stand a tad further out in to the country where I picked up some even more delicious foods. But when I was finally about to arrive home, as I was cruising down my long country road, it hit me...the joy of summer. the memories of summer. the way everything smells and the vibrant colors. It had been such a gorgeous day full of very simple moment that really brought me a lot of joy. I felt no pressure to be or do anything amazing. I was truly enjoying this summer day with it's light breezes, fresh cut grass smells and friendly local faces. And I thanked God for his artistry and for giving us seasons.

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