Friday, May 23, 2008

Let it all out

Last night I had a moment of complete frustration with church people. I’m not talking about the people that are at church because they are focused on serving and getting involved with what God’s doing; I’m talking about the people that go to church, get somewhat involved and then start to nitpick at everything they see that THEY thought could be different. Things that THEY don’t agree with and that THEY think THEY could do better. Well you know what? THEY weren’t appointed by God to lead that church and make those decisions. THEY aren’t the ones slaving in prayer, trying to be a spouse and a parent while shepherding a church, handling the drama that goes on every day from church members, handling the problems that marriages and families need counseling for…THEY aren’t the ones responsible for a entire church congregations spiritual growth. THEY are self absorbed negativity spreaders who apparently have way too much time on their hands to sit on their bottoms and talk about how much better THEY would be at running a church, or if THEY were the pastor or pastor’s wife THEY would do it different. THEY need to have a come to Jesus meeting and realize that THEY have a specific calling on their life that THEY are obviously not doing because THEY are spending their time talking about how someone else is doing their calling.

And when did people decide that a church is all about meeting their needs? Who said this was the way it was suppose to be? The only one thing that can meet all a persons needs is God. No church will be perfect. No church will be everything you hoped it would be. I should know…I have moved around a lot and tried out no less than 20 churches in my life and not one of them is perfect. The one I attend now is not completely perfect…but it is the place I call my church home. And because I felt that is where God called me, I have plugged in and served and respected my pastors no matter if I agreed with everything they said or not. Church is honestly what you make it. In fact, I’m going to throw this thought out there; Most of the time when people are complaining about church not being what they want it to be and not meeting their needs, it’s probably because they don’t have a close relationship with God. Think about it; the closer you are to God, the more you reflect His character. Are these people reflecting God’s character by gossiping, spreading negativity and hardening their heart? We come to church to fellowship, to plug in and serve the Lord, to worship, to be fed. . If one of those isn’t meeting your needs at the church, go to God in prayer and seek Him on it. Don’t start bad mouthing and spreading disease among the fellow church goers. A wise woman I know once said, “Do you want to be responsible for a downfall in the church? I don’t.”


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Beth said...

Preach it, sister Lindsey Lou! I could not have written it better my self. We are so glad to have you and Jeremy serving God with us. That is truly what it is all about. 2 are better than one. We come together at church to get stronger in unity and then go out and SERVE together. I know that I have many faults and weaknesses, but I also know that God is bigger than my faults. :-)