Monday, January 28, 2008

taking off the rose colored glasses

Ok. So, I have noticed that anyone that starts a diet usually finds the most unflattering picture of them in their overweight stage and posts it. I have done that here. I have decided that part of this "blogging my weight loss" process is showing picture of the process as well! So, here is picture number one. This picture is at my beginning weight. It's not pretty and now looking at it I have discovered that shirt was not flattering at all! It's sometimes hard to really look at pictures of yourself. I mean really look. Look and actually see what you have been trying to deny for months and years. It's hard to not try to convince yourself that the bad picture is just that...a bad picture and not a mirror image of your real self.

The good news...2 more pounds down for a total loss of 12 pounds! I will soon put a picture up of me and my 12 pound loss!


April E. :) said...

AWESOME job on the 12 lb loss!!!! WAY TO GO!!!

Maci Ashworth said...

Yeah!!!! I'm excited for yoU!!