Friday, January 11, 2008

P.S. I love my kitchen

I have a love relationship with my kitchen. When we were looking at this house, our little country house, the kitchen is what completely sold me. It is amazing. It is the size of two very large rooms put together with lovely details such as wood floors, a very large 4 pane bay window with two other windows spread out in the kitchen to give the room so much natural light, an island custom built, two large columns at the entrance, custom painted cabinets, crown molding and so much room to cook! I just adore it. And I adore cooking so our kitchen gets a lot of my attention.

And, of course, I painted it red. Well, Fireweed from Sherwin Williams to be exact. Red gives that passionate personality that a kitchen should least for me. Paint colors are all about personality.

I have always heard that a good kitchen will be the heart of the house...the place where everyone gravitates, and mine has become just that. What inspired this blog was the dinner party Jeremy and I had last week with our wonderful friends, John and Jason Hylton and Cassie Jetton. We had a great night of food, laughter and lots of Guitar Hero...and with that, a dose of "healthy" competition between Jason and I. Ha. Guess who won? Anyway, while they were there, I noticed that even though they would go sit in the living room for a bit, they would always get up and come back into the kitchen. There is something about the kitchen that promotes conversation...maybe the fact that there is no Television to distract...and I love conversation. And as the migration to the kitchen became more frequent, I thought how wonderful it is that I have a kitchen that is the heart of my home. Or maybe it was that incredible Cajun Crab dip I had picked up at Publix? Well, whatever it was, our kitchen had a lot of love that night.

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MrsKristinClark said...

I personally love gravitating to your fantastic kitchen! And I love you =)