Monday, January 7, 2008

so far, so good

Today is my third day on Weight Watchers and so far I am really having no issues with it!

Just an FYI, I went to the center in Rivergate on Thursday and signed up for the program. After watching the Oprah episode where these amazing human beings had lost tons of weight without diet pills or surgery, (we are talking about a 300-500 pound weight loss), I became confident that I would be able to loose the 100 pounds that have been plaguing me for a few years. I listened to these people talk about the difference that losing this weight has meant in their life and I decided that it was time for me to get control and truly make this decision...which is what it takes. After years of trying different diets mainly because I felt pressure to be a look a certain way for other people, I ended up on a dreadful cycle of losing and gaining just to find myself 60 pounds heavier than I was when I went on my first diet. Now, I am married to a wonderful man that doesn't care if I lose a pound, surrounded by friends and family that see me for who I am as child of God and not the size clothing I wear and a church that has embraced me and given me great opportunities to be involved in ministry and find purpose in those involvements. So, I am now losing weight for me and for my health, (and yes, that fabulous Anthropologie wardrobe that I have been dreaming of for years!)

So, back to my original statement of having no issues with Weight Watchers. I have cooked a couple of low point meals in the past two days that have been DELICIOUS and have left me feeling satisfied and knowing that I can make this way of eating a lifestyle and not just a short term diet. The only thing I am finding difficult is getting in my vegetables. I LOVE vegetables BUT they truly are an inconvenient food. I guess I'm going to have to start downing vegetable juice. Because even though Weight Watchers gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want as long as it's in your points, I want to make healthy changes like getting more vitamins and fiber in my daily food intake.

I will update you on Saturday when i weigh in at my one week on the diet. I am not getting on a scale before my weigh in day because I really don't want to focus on the number so much. other tid bit of information about this weight loss goal...I want to be able to wear tall boots! I can't at the moment because my calves are big and tall boots just don't look right!

Thanks for reading!


amanda said...

sister love, i think you are beautiful. i believe in you, not to lose weight, but to do what you set out to do. we should have a weekend walk and cooking time every week.

Maci Ashworth said...

You are a very beautiful woman, and I'm so proud of you =) I love you beautiful one!

Beth Allison said...

You are indeed inspiring! Your honesty is so refreshing - and I think you will end up even more blessed because of your willingness to just put it all out there! Go, Lindsey!!!