Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ramblings of 4:43

At this very moment, being 4:43pm, I am staring out of my office windows and it's dark. And you know what I think about this? I think it sucks...literally. Why? Because it sucks the energy out of me at 4:43pm when there is still about 6 hours of my day to go!

Since this is my honest blog where I can discuss whatever I please, I will tell you that I have suffered from an anxiety disorder for about 4 years now. After mentioning that fact, I would like to praise God that it has become much less severe over the years and most of the time I feel like a normal person, which...who are we kidding? These days normal seems to mean that you suffer from either anxiety,depression or some sort of personality disorder! At some point I will explore my feelings on why society has turned us into pill popping, chocolate dependant paranoid freaks.

But, I digress...

Anxiety comes in many different forms. Seasonal Affective Disorder is where our bodies and emotions are plagued by the ever changing seasons. This is so unfortunate because this means that for pretty much half of the year people are dealing with even more depression just because it's dark outside at 5:00!

How can we get away from this? What did people do in the times of old when there was no diagnosis for this and no benzodiazapines to get that seratonin flowing? I will also say that no matter my faith, I still have my struggles and it is NOT because I don't believe that God can heal me.


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