Friday, April 11, 2008


Today I am outraged. Why? Because the ignorant and inconsiderate people of Channel 4 news in Nashville INTERRUPTED THE OFFICE LAST NIGHT!

Here is the letter I am writing:

Dear Inconsiderate Fools of WSMV:
I am writing to inform your crew that myself, and I'm sure many others, are completely appauled that you would have such an idiotic lapse in judgement and interrupt the first episode of The Office that we fans have been waiting on for months now. Why you didn't choose to air your fiftieth weather report during the turkey bacon or orbit commerical, I will never understand. So I am writing to demand that you send me and thousands of other middle tennesseans a complete copy of last nights Office episode. This should be easy for you since you have such great powers like the high tech weather map that gives a 3-D shot of the weather and the Live Pinpoint Doppler Loop online. Also, i'm sure you can use some of that arrogance that thought you were better than The Office to persuade the executives at NBC.

I will be expecting my DVD in 4 business days. If I do not receive it, I will be forced to break your weather machine or kidnap Nancy Van Kamp.



MrsKristinClark said...

You may FEEL FREE to add my name to the attached petition!
I could not BELIEVE IT! We do not know who he went home with ... or what Jan did ... or if Jim's apartment was okay after the flood and the fire....


Beth said...

Yes!!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard right now. I thought I was the only one who actually writes letters (both real and fake) when ticked off!

What a hilariously well-written letter. Let's start a petition!!!

April E. :) said...

GOSH! I can only imagine what would happen if our local news did something so stupid like that...Granted I don't want the Office myself...but if they interupted LOST or ER I may lost myself! *with or without online webisodes available!!*

Margie said...


Matthew Underwear said...

lindsey johnson = pure genius

Maci said...

I love this...really do...that's so woebegone for them to do that =)