Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

Due to the crazy pressure I was feeling yesterday, I decided to spend lunch outdoors at Rockland Park to celebrate earth day by taking in the earths beauty. I walked down through the trees to the water and sat in the grass. And I stared. And I began to feel some peace. I let the sun shine hard on my face and I breathed in the fresh air and somewhere in that moment I felt calm. I watched a turtle crawl into the water and I literally stared at an inch worm for 5 minuites wondering what his purpose in life was. I listened to the water lap against the shore. I know this all sounds somewhat crazy and like a cheesy book but that moment brought me back to the many moments I spent doing that exact same thing when I was younger. I was transported back to "my place". "My place" was the last access at the end of lock 4 road. After school my senior year, I would drive down there with my bible in tow, and read God's word while sitting in the middle of God's artwork. I loved those moments. It was so quiet and I was quiet. I needed to realize that I don't need or have to always be Martha. While I think that being actively involved is very important, Jesus is teaching me that there is a lot of importance in being Mary. In order to have the wisdom, love and compassion that Jesus needs me to have to be Martha, I need to be Mary and sit at His feet so He can give that to me.

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