Friday, February 15, 2008


Last night Jeremy and I went to see “Definitely Maybe” and loved it. It’s truly about time we saw a movie that was about the beauty of timing in relationships. The movie was captivating, inspiring and beautifully put together. I love seeing movies like that. Movies where you get attached to a character and want to see them succeed, or where you identify with a character or even when you fall in love with who a character is and are inspired to be like them.

Last night that character was April. She is this intelligent, free spirited, opinionated, joyful, beautiful character that makes you wish you were that way. She is real, passionate, and addicting. She is the kind of person you would want to sit and have coffee with for hours and discuss topic from a great candle you found downtown to Jane Eyre to psychology. While I am thinking all of this, Jeremy leans over to me and says, “You like her because you think she’s you.” And that brought me to a whole new level of thinking. Without sounding arrogant, this is the person I use to be…no long ago. For about 4 years of my life I felt very trapped and defined by other circumstances and people around me. When I was out of that situation, I started to find me again…and it was wonderful. My sister would say, “You’re becoming you again” and I loved it. I felt like that joyful, free spirited person that loved life and laughter.

Now, for some odd reason, I feel like I have become so serious. Everything is so serious. Does anyone understand what I’m saying? Where I once was able to laugh about something now it has become a serious matter that will send me through the roof on a bad day. I get uptight and don’t allow myself to enjoy the things that I once did. I don’t take time for the little moments because I’m too busy focusing on the fact that taking time for those little moments prevents me from doing all my serious grown up stuff that I must be SERIOUS about. My dear friend Margie once said I was “Head in the Clouds Lindsey”. She meant this in a good way…in a way that only she can explain, but I loved it. I loved the idea of just being light and airy and happy. And then, yes…you guessed it…the seriousness came. And I want it to go away.


MrsKristinClark said...

I am going to say something that may seem odd ... I enjoy the darker side of you sometimes! The contemplative side that is questioning and deeper then the average bear ... it makes me feel at home.

Seriousness is fleeting in our lives. At this point you have to be serious, say, 80% of the time. The 20% is great, and the 80% is rewarding ... but I know I would rather buy cool things then pay my cell phone bill sometime. =)

You still have your head in the clouds ... your feet are just on the ground at the same time.

Thanks for the locker offer ... be prepared for that phone call. =)

April E. :) said...

Oh heavens...I was just the other day talking to a friend about how serious we all take things now. Like when we were younger more carefree was easier and you didn't feel like you had to take things so serious. Now though, it's like if you don't then a ball will fall (as if we are juggling life) and that would be horrible. Hmmm, alot to think about! Thanks for inspiring me yet again :)

btw...LOVED definitely, maybe! :)