Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good hair, good food, great church

It's late. I just got home from a youth event with our church. I'm not in too philisophical mood at the moment but I would like to tell you about my great day.

Kristin and I started off the morning getting our hair done at my salon, Fruition Salon in Nashville. This was a great way to start the day because Keri did an amazing job on our hair and we looked great! So, since we looked great we headed on over to Green Hills to grab some lunch and do a little shopping! We ate at this new place, Zoe's Kitchen and the food was fresh, healthy and wonderful. We both would strongly suggest the grilled chicken wraps, pasta salad and pita chips. mmmmm.... We sat outside because we thought it was a beautiful day and amazing that we could sit outside in February. Then we headed to a few stores. We both ended up buying ourselves a little something in Anthropologie which made our day feel complete. Then we drove home and continued to talk about how great our hair looked.

Tonight we had the Youth Valentines Dinner. Both Youth Groups from The Hope Center and Sumner Life joined together for their first event. I think that it went very well and each person walked away knowing someone new. We have some amazing kids in this merged Youth Group and I am greatly anticipating what God is going to do with this he is going to use them. They all rock.

That's my day. Nighty Night.


Margie said...

Your hair is beautiful. And so is Kristins.
I'm so glad I'm caught up on your actually up to date blog now. I had copy and pasted the address from Jackie's Blog. Might want to bring her up to day as well.
Thank you for all you help tonight. I can't say that enough.
Love ya,

April E. :) said...

That sounds like fun...our young adult girls had a fondue party on Saturday...and I survived UNDER points!! Yeah for Amazing UNDER points days, GREAT hair and GREAT weather! :)