Thursday, March 20, 2008

a trip to lawrenceburg

Jeremy and I went to visit his family in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee this past weekend. I really love going there. We had such a relaxing and lovely time. On Friday night Jeremy went to a dinner with his dad and brother at their church and I spent time with Tommy, Tabatha and their two wonderful children Carlee and Amelia. Amelia is just a little over a month old and she was PRECIOUS. On Saturday we ate, played on the farm and ate. Then we went to Aunt Dana and Unlce Larry's to play with cousin Megan's daughter, beautiful Molly Claire. Oh yeah, then we ate again. Pam, my caring mother in law, took very good care of us by cooking delicious meals and continually making sure that we were resting. Sunday we slept in like the slackers we were, then we ate again and headed home.
This slideshow I have created is to show you all just a touch of what it looks like on the Johnson land. And literally, that's just a touch because they have a lot of land. Even though I could never be a farmers wife, and thank God Jeremy has no desire to be a farmer, I am facinated by farms and the people that have the passion to make farming their life. And it would truly have to be a passion because it is some dirty work.


Margie said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures. They remind me of where I grew up and where my mom lives now. Who do the babies belong to?

Maci said...

I want a camera like that now!!!! I love the pictures!